Commercial Service

Rooftop Units

If you’re looking for a cost-effective solution that’s also reliable, rooftop units are a great option for your HVAC needs. At Primo Heat, we offer rooftop units from leading manufacturers including Lennox, Trane and Carrier. Get a Price Today: (778) 883-8447

Rooftop units don’t just improve indoor air quality (IAQ), but also deliver comfort to occupants in commercial buildings through heating and cooling applications. Primo Heat can offer zoning solutions, keeping different offices at different temperatures through one rooftop unit.

Included in our installation service is the removal and disposal of old equipment, leaving you with only the latest technology and a superbly efficient system in place.

Primo Heat also offers a quarterly maintenance service, in line with manufacturing guidelines. Our service ensures that your rooftop unit is working at its best 24/7 throughout the year:

  • Filter changes
  • Rooftop unit operational check( 30 point inspection)
  • Condensate trap cleaning

All our rooftop units are Energy Star compliant.

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Unit Heaters

Unit Heaters are a great way to heat large spaces with high ceilings, such as warehouses, workshops and large garages. Their small and compact design takes up very little room while providing heat for employees, while their design is attractive enough for more public spaces such as offices.

We offer the latest in unit heater technology, which offers electric ignition, doing away with the hidden expense of a pilot light constantly burning through gas. We offer a variety of unit heater sizes from 30,000 BTUs to 400,000 BTUs, offering the perfect size for your building and needs.

Unit heaters are a great choice for businesses looking for a low-maintenance heating solution for larger spaces.

Call Primo Heat today on (778) 883-8447 or email for more information or a free quote on installation, replacement or repair of your unit heaters.


Just like your car, HVAC equipment requires regular maintenance in order to operate at its best throughout the year. Primo Heat works with customers to devise a planned maintenance program that is custom designed to meet the needs of your business and its buildings, ensuring that your equipment is performing in a reliable, efficient manner.

Our HVAC technicians are all fully trained and certified. Additionally, we ensure that they are subject to ongoing training to ensure that they’re knowledgeable about the latest HVAC technology and use the right tools for the job.

We understand your HVAC systems, the equipment that makes them work and work hard to provide all our customers with ongoing support. Part of that support is developing a regular maintenance schedule and keeping a service history for your reference and ours—we won’t keep you in the dark, because we want you to understand and be in control of the process.

We also offer a 24-hour emergency service for those times when something goes wrong—and our response times are guaranteed!

Call Primo Heat today on (778) 883-8447 or email to find out more about our maintenance options.

Split Systems

Split systems offer the advantage of small size and flexibility in installation for zoning heating and cooling individual rooms in your commercial building. Comprising of an indoor section and an outdoor section, performance is similar to rooftop systems but with the bonus of reliable operations and easy service.

In cooling mode, warm air is drawn from indoors, the heat removed and then recirculated back into the room. In warming mode, the heat pump runs in reverse, giving office rooms a heat boost.

Split systems are ideal for office buildings, hotels, schools and industrial facilities where smaller areas require year-round HVAC systems that don’t need to be on constantly.

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Air Source/Water Source

At Primo Heat we offer HVAC systems that run on both air sources and water sources. Which source works best for your commercial space depends very much on your needs, facilities and space. Our HVAC technicians have expertise in both, and can conduct a pre-installation check of your building to determine what your needs best are.

Water source HVAC systems offer greater efficiency, but require more equipment, including boilers, condenser water loops, pumps and heat rejection units—all of which add to maintenance costs over time.

Air source HVAC systems require fewer mechanical parts and offer greater flexibility in placement during installation as well as more options through split systems, roof units and unit heaters.

Call Primo Heat today on (778) 883-8447 or email for more information about air source/water source HVAC systems and which you should be considering—we offer free quotes and pre-installation checks.

C02 Enrichment

We offer full CO2 Burner sales, service and installation. Directly tie into your gas supply, so you can stop filling those annoying Propane bottles all the time. Also alleviate co2 level depletion.


Primo Heat’s dehumidification services can help to mitigate water damage while maintaining indoor air quality (IAQ) and comfort to occupants of your commercial building.

Dehumidification also offers benefits for the building itself, reducing moisture-related damage, such as mold and mildew, which in turn reduces unpleasant odours. We can help with dehumidification of your entire building, or smaller spot-solutions in isolated problematical areas.

Call Primo Heat today on (778) 883-8447 or email for more information about our dehumidification services or large portable units available for purchase.

Full Climate Control Solutions for Multiple Applications

We can help you with multiple aspects of your climate control, and find the best equipment to suit your particular application.

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